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Or Maybe We Learn to Fly

Walking to Giza

The future, as we all know, is mathematically hopeless and pornographically doomed.  I’m hip to that. I just don’t think that’s the end of the discussion, so long as we’re all committed to waking up every day and continuing to breathe and stuff.  In a world where new humans are inventing new solutions to new problems every day, I’m not interested in what you can prove using numbers from 2002 and models from 1978.  Yes, perhaps Earth is Doomed — but What Do We Do Next?

The Future Involves a Lot of Walking Around

I have seen the numbers and I don’t dispute them.  Overshoot is a comprehensive and persuasive case.  However, as Bucky Fuller mysteriously put it, "Universe is non-simultaneously apprehended." Among other things, this means that the numbers are never final, or even very accurate.  It also means we should have a better plan than stocking up on guns, ammo and canned food.  We need a strategy more open-ended than shacking up in some armored tomb.

The Road | Cormac McCarthy

"Universe is non-simultaneously apprehended." The Road is not a cautionary tale.  It’s a death sentence.  There’s no moral to the story, just a kick in the stomach from a talented old man.  Of course, Cormac can do as he pleases, and Americans get the nightmares they deserve. But who believes in Karma anymore?

Napalm Attack on Kim Phuc | Vietnam

We are surrounded by insurmountable opportunities!” - Pogo.  The overpopulation meme is horseshit from rich people. I realize that Ted Turner thinks we need to reduce the human population by billions, but I actually disagree.  We have the resources and energy to give a high quality of life to billions of people, as long as we’re honest about what “quality of life” really means.  (Our God-given right to McDonalds access is actually not part of that package, for example.)

Hunting the Berzerker Rhino of Madagascar

A Radical Change of Circumstances. That’s all this is — not so much the Armageddon that pop culture is trying to summon on down.  We’re gonna be listening to Daniel Burd in 2010. This is an adventure, the best science fiction action flick ever, a motherfucking epic.  We are not an extra in anyone’s disaster movie. We’re not going down with Someone Else’s Ship. We’re just walking down the road and conversating about building better futures.  We are planning on kicking ass this year, and anyone is welcome to Join.

G Gordon Liddy | Timothy Leary


Ours is a Secret Science

2010 | The Year We Make Contact

The Stargate Conspiracy pg. 268: “Clearly, the ushering of a new aeon — of Horus, the child — is no minor task, perhaps especially when the wild and difficult characteristics of children are taken into consideration.  Whereas the features of motherhood and fatherhood are, by and large, relatively easy to recognize, those of newborns and youngsters are more fluid and elusive. Children are spontaneous, excitable, inquisitive and consumed by the excitement of living in the here and now…If there is such a thing as the Aeon of the Child, then those of us who live in the era of it’s birth should realize that we are in for a bumpy ride.

Signifying Monkeys

Another characteristic of children is the natural psychic ability that seems to come as part of the human “package,” only to fall away dramatically as the reality consensus — the shared, unspoken belief that the paranormal is only good for science fiction and ghost stories but has no basis in fact — begins to corrode their heightened sensitivity.  As parapsychologist Dr Ernesto Spinelli has demonstrated, the younger the child the more psychic he or she is. It is as if children really do come into the world “trailing clouds of glory,” as William Wordsworth so memorably put it…Paranormal abilities are a double-edged sword, however.”

NASA Kidz! CIA Kidz! NSA Kidz! Disney Kidz!

HOWARD BLOOM: “An infant’s brain is sculpted by the culture into which the child is born. Six-month olds can distinguish or produce every sound in virtually every human language. But within a mere four months, nearly two thirds of this capacity has been sliced away. The slashing of ability is accompanied by ruthless alterations in cerebral tissue. Brain cells are measured against the requirements of the physical and interpersonal environment. The 50% of neurons found useful thrive. The 50% which remain unexercised are literally forced to die. Thus the floor plan underlying the mind is crafted on-site to fit an existing framework of community.

Backflip Zero Gravity Training

When barely out of the womb, babies are already riveted on a major source of social cues. Newborns to four-month-olds would rather look at faces than at almost anything else. Rensselaer Polytechnic’s Linnda Caporael points out what she calls “micro-coordination”, in which a baby imitates its mother’s facial expression, and the mother, in turn, imitates the baby’s. Since psychologist Paul Ekman, as we’ll see later in more detail, has demonstrated that the faces we make recast our moods, the baby is learning how to yoke its emotions to those of a social team. Emotions, as we’ve already seen, craft our vision of reality. There are other signs that babies synchronize their feelings to those of others around them at an astonishingly early age. Empathy — one of those things which bind us together intimately — comes to us early. Children less than a year old who see another child hurt show all the signs of undergoing the same pain.”

NASA NSA Space Shuttle Cockpit

ARTHUR KOESTLER: “Biological evolution is to a large extent a history of escapes from the blind alleys of over-specialization, the evolution of ideas a series of escapes from the tyranny of mental habits and stagnant routines. In biological evolution the escape is brought about by a retreat from the adult to a juvenile stage as the starting-point for the new line; in mental evolution by a temporary regression to more primitive and uninhibited modes of ideation, followed by the creative forward leap (the equivalent of a sudden burst of ‘adaptive radiation’). Thus these two types of progress—the emergence of evolutionary novelties and the creation of cultural novelties—reflect the same undoing-redoing pattern and appear as analogous processes on different levels.”

Asimo Robot Meets Human Astronaut

STAR LARVAE HYPOTHESIS: “…this much seems evident: the developmental transition from the Pleasure Principle of Freudian psychology to the Reality Principle, a transition that in the Freudian model accounts for much psychological distress and dysfunction, might not occur at all in a space-based civilization. A fetal mentality could remain unchallenged and unadulterated in an environment that reproduces with sufficient fidelity the life-support functions of the womb. The weightless technologically comprehensive environment of the space colony recalibrates all standards of psychological and physical adaptation, because it promises to radically truncate psychological and physical development through radical neoteny.

Astronaut Suit Exploded Diagram Component NASA NSA

Weightless encapsulation will completely unchain neotenous de-differentiation. One extreme prospect is that of the unfettered expression of oncogenes. These genes would seem to be natural vehicles for neoteny, because their job is to retard cellular differentiation. Masses of undifferentiated tissue occur twice during the lives of complex organisms: once early in embryologic development and later in the form of the cancerous tumor. Both situations are thought to be controlled by, or at least to involve, oncogenes. In the course of embryologic development, cells differentiate into the many tissues of the adult organism. But tumors don’t differentiate. They remain undifferentiated tissue. What’s more, given a sufficiently supportive culture, these undifferentiated masses—neoplasms—behave oddly. They don’t die. This peculiarity of tumors contributes to the mythical dimension of the hypothesis. It suggests the original promise of heavenly immortality.”

Tabletop View of Apollo 11 Space Suit NASA NSA

BAUDRILLARD: "In the future, power will belong to those peoples with no origins and no authenticity. It will belong to those who, like America from the beginning, can achieve "deterritorialization" and weightlessness and figure out how to exploit the situation to the full extent."

Black Summer


A Toast to Jim Channon in 2010

All the text that follows is typed out of this scanned PDF copy of Jim Channon's “First Earth Battalion” document.

First Earth Battalion | Jim Channon

THE FIRST EARTH BATTALION: “The Earth Battalion declares its primary alliegance to people and planet. You can become a part of that alliegance right where you are simply by allowing the exquisite human being inside to come out. When it’s out…help others to come out and then work together cooperatively to stay out — building the paradise that is possible when we cooperate with each other and our Mother the Earth.”

The most advanced piece of technology present on this planet is the human being. No mechanical technology has anywhere near the versatility of a human system. Unfortunately, people-empowering ideas are scattered along the leading edge of the human potential movement and are embodied within the voodoo of many mystical traditions. This sections brings together the best of “what works” from both frontiers, so you may begin your journey as an Aquarian Warrior properly armed for this exciting adventure.”

Star Kids | Geller Kids | Puharich Kids

Attention Without Tension: “One of the most ideal levels of consciousness to be in is attention without tension. The attention is a clear and present view of reality. You know intuitively the consequences of everything going on around you. But the nice part is that you are centered and grounded in such a way that you can deal with the entire process…”

Psychic Superhero with Electrodes Fitted for Measurement

Omni-Directional Thought: “Collect strategies by collecting people and points of view. The more you own, the greater your chances of success in any situation.  The First Earth is not mission oriented, it is potential oriented. That means we shall continue to look everywhere to find non-destructive means of control. J.F.C. Fuller, the father of mechanized warfare, was an omni-directional thinker and a member of the world of the mystical.”

The Superlimnal Body | Jim Channon

EVOLUTIONARY BODIES: “For centuries we have understood only the mechanical and hydraulic aspects of the human body. Recently we have discovered that the body responds to the electronic wave forms usually transmitted by radio, television or microwave. We may soon select a diet based on the voltage each food offers. Soon, the mysteries of instantaneous transmission (faster than the speed oflight) will prescribe the properties of a fourth kind of body…the Superluminal.

Looking For a Few Good Men

Dwight Eisenhower said: “Someday people are going to want peace so badly that the governments of the world will have to stand back and let them have it.” Someday the soldiers of the world may come to their highest ideals and realize that only they can agree to disarm the world time bomb.

Ultrasonic 3D Tag Device for Human Activity Tracking


Tracing Our Own Constellations

The Egg in Orbit | May 5th, 1981

The Age of Horus offers ample employment opportunities in the field of demolition. The entire Enlightenment and the great edifice of Science Herself are more of an obstacle than a foundation for us now.  Allowing our outdated paradigms, social systems and vested interests to crumble into decay is dangerous to pedestrians.  We need to take them out in a systematic way, pretty much ASAP.

Preparing for Space | Astronaut School

It’s not so much that I disagree with you about what the data points mean — it’s that I don’t think our data points matter.  We’re still in the brainstorming phase, here. We still need to find the right geometry of “weird” facts and anomalous patterns to make the New Revelations click, but we can say with confidence that our ignorance outstrips our knowledge.  This inherently makes the future a smarter place to be, right?

Initial Propulsion System | JPL ET Model Craft

I’m betting that remixing at random with cultivated content — or Glass Bead Gaming — will prove a more fruitful approach for 2010 than actually engaging in the usual synthesis cycle.  There are smarter kids who will work the details out later.  We don’t have to be experts, but we do have to be creative. Keep it moving, too…if you get stuck on the same shit too long, you wind up doing speaking tours, writing books, and marching towards death still talking about an idea you had in your twenties.  There comes a time to let go, and that time is always now.

Damn Dirty Apes in Monkey Suits

I am learning to like being wrong. I think this is an important skill.  Scientists have all the facts but no real answers, and mystics are always right but only on meaningless issues.  In assessing human potential, our Invisible College is faced with a wealth of contradictory data, much of it deliberate distortions and disinformation.  I see my own Work in these early months being the collection and synthesis of the galaxy full of factoids spiraling around the concept of ESP and human psychic capacity.

DNA reproduction information ecology

JEREMY NARBY:"My understanding of science changed. I used to think that scientists were dogmatic, particularly when it comes to considering other species as anything other than machines.  Instead I found a broad base of scientists studying biology with open minds."

Horus Isis Osirus | Marvel Comics

"Find the Others," said the Doctor. But why exactly? To make us all better off or just to lure us all out into the open?


Tomorrow’s War and Tomorrow’s War

Joe Lieberman | Sad Little Manwhore

JOE LIEBERMAN: “I was in Yemen in August. And we have a growing presence there, and we have to, of Special Operations, Green Berets, intelligence. We’re working well with the government of President Saleh there.

I leave you with this thought that somebody in our government said to me in the Sana’a, the capital of Yemen. Iraq was yesterday’s war. Afghanistan is today’s war. If we don’t act preemptively, Yemen will be tomorrow’s war. That’s the danger we face.”

Biology Teacher as Terrorist

"…dangerous events, whether intentional or accidental, are facilitated through an increase in ease and access. To the extent that more and more people in less and less formal and visible settings are able to engineer biological systems, the possibility of predicting the form and timing of such dangerous events, and thereby preventing them, becomes intractable. In certain respects, DIY biology is a ‘black swan’ waiting to happen: it portends events whose probability might seem low, but whose negative impact is likely to be quite high.”

—via Nature | Commentary

Joe Lieberman | Sad Little Manwhore

Enough quotes, though. The conversation about security is pointless: heated opinions about total lies.  In the face of uncontrollable risks and impossible odds, there is little that humans can do in 2010 to make Earth into a Safer Place, by any definition.  Something in Lieberman’s latest channeled material struck a deep chord in me: "Tomorrow’s War" and the cold inevitability that he was right, and always would be.

Monkeys War | The Herd Primate

Dolphins swim, cat sleep, monkeys war. I do read a lot of history. I don’t see a lot of exceptions.  We are herd primates who mobilize via speech and symbol to make war with rival herds.  Any language, timeframe, or spot on the globe, you’re likely to find a conflict in process among human beings.  I submit that this state of affairs might not be changing anytime soon.  I also submit that it has to, and furthermore, that we can make it happen in our own lifetimes.

Grant Morrison Seeding Future Intelligence Agents

From Antonin Artaud to Mahatma Ghandi to Grant Morrison, the creative mutants who decided to test out the limits have all discovered the same thing: they got way further than they expected to. The focused individual has a stunning amount of personal power within their grasp once they really start reaching for it. Exceptional conspiracies are run by exceptional people — but the truly exceptional humans are one-man armies.  This not a hypothetical or exaggerated description, and Nigeria is proof enough.

Henry Okah | Most Successful Terrorist Ever

For all the discussion about security and terrorism, it’s funny that nobody will discuss the biggest White Elephant I’m aware of in 2009: the fact that terrorism works and has a repeatable model with a proven track record. That’s problematic stuff.  Henry Okah and the total victory of MEND in Nigeria is heavy, heavy data that doesn’t get brought up often enough.

MEND Henry Okah Nigeria SHELL

The pin-up art of violence is a universal language. It’s not like every other military on Earth isn’t just as crass and explicit in promoting their raw hardware as a statement of their power.  At first I wrote “symbol of their power," but that’s a bit like saying a toaster is a symbol for toast.  Mao was very clear on where political power originated: from the barrel of a gun precisely like the one that Henry Okah is holding in the Ghostface Killah Militia shot above.  The problem, of course, is that guns kill people and cause, on average, more problems than they are capable of solving.

Chimpanzee Warfare Memetics

Insert metaphor that ties all this together. General words of encouragement, colorful description of hopeful future horizons.  Token admission that future mutants with psychic superpowers might be so dangerous it creates a nightmare dystopia.  Strong statement that the benefits outweigh the risks, followed by an open-ended concluding sentence that sounds deeper than it actually is.  Curtains. Finis.


Operations Research @ the Invisible College

Thanaton Operations Research

What do we call ourselves in 2010? Do we need a new noun, or is it better that the Game remains nameless?

UFO Encounter Matrix | Jacques Vallee

UFOlogy is a fallen science, and far too narrow a niche, besides.  “Parapsychology" has been a mere epithet for decades.  It’s the same problem that the cool kids have always had to face: anything we formalize gets co-opted and sold back to us…subverted into parody and reduced to sound bite simplicity.

Jacques Vallee J Allen Hynek

All that secrecy used to be necessary, right? Back when the Catholic Church would kidnap and torture you…back when the NSA still cared enough to harass UFO witnesses…back when the Freemasons took those vows much more seriously than they do today.  Perhaps, now that nobody’s listening, we can finally speak freely.

J Allen Hynek | Planetary Physics

The occult is always waiting with open arms.  We’re free among the Wicca moms and goth kids, which is precisely why Intelligence Agencies around the world have been using cult activity as an operation cover for 100 years now. Besides, it’s not all Necronomicon posers under that tent…there’s some very exceptional heavy hitters waiting to surprise you there.

Allen Greenfield and Michael Bertiaux

Two perspectives worth investigating: Bishop Allen H. Greenfield and the Voudun Gnostic full-contact Theology of Michael Bertiaux.  In the Age of Horus, “initiation” is no longer for the select few: Initiation is a global process now, and there’s little value in hiding behind symbolism and exclusive language. Let the Seekers seek, let the cynics bitch, but we need to bring more “organized ignorance” into the halls of occult secrecy.  The New Humans are ready for anything Universe throws at them, and this paternalistic horseshit has gotta stop.

Masonic Cipher

We seek communication with Higher Intelligence, we thirst for new horizons, new challenges, new ideas.  We are the children of the Kali Yuga and you will die bitter if you think you deserve our respect.  Let that shit go, Old Men and Grand Masters of All Traditions: your time has left and your Gods are fallen.  The future smiles with sharp teeth.

UFO business gives me the willies


Marshall McLuhan: Operations Research Mentality

The following is typed out from "Understanding Me,"a compilation of Marshall McLuhan’s speeches and TV material.  The first 2 paragraphs are from pages 29-30, and the rest is from page 238.

Peter Drucker 419 Lodge

"In his Landmarks of Tomorrow, Peter F. Drucker has pointed to Operations Reserach as “organized ignorance.” It is a procedure in tackling problems which resembles the “negative capability” of Keats — a sort of intellectual judo. Instead of straining all available effort on a visible goal or problem, let the solution come from the problem itself. If you can’t keep the cow out of the garden, keep the garden out of the cow. Albert North Whitehead was fond of saying that the greatest discovery of the nineteenth century was not this or that invention, but the discovery of the technique of invention itself. It is very simple, and was loudly proclaimed by Poe, Baudelaire, and Valery, namely, begin with the solution to the problem, and then find out what steps lead to the solution. In other words, work backwards.

Such is Operations Research, in which metallurgic problems are tackled by psychologists and historians but not metallurgists. For the expert knows too much about a problem in advance. He sees why it is impossible. But teams of intelligent non-experts, not seeing the difficulties in advance, have time and again won through, and at high speed. The new pattern in management is small teams of men of varied competencies, not the pyramid of job hierarchies.

…I’ve often been puzzled by the fact that the greatest discoveries in the world, when you look back, are perfectly easy.  They can be put in a textbook. But the same discovery when you were looking forward at a problem is impossible.  Why is knowledge so easy backwards and so hard forwards? Why is it so hard to discover?

At first I though, suppose the cancer experts come to the studio with their problem, set up a model of their experiments and their procedures in studying cancer, and said “We have gotten to this point and we cannot get any further.”  They broadcast that to a million people at once.  It is obvious that there’d be one person in a million who would see that there was no problem at all.  In any problem whatever, one in a million would see no problem.

The real problem is: how do you reach this guy who sees the absence of the problem?

No let’s ask another question. Why is it that the man, one in a million, sees no problem? This person in inevitably and naturally untaught, ignorant of all scientific procedures and all science.  The scientist has great trouble looking forward past his problem because his knowledge gets in the way. When you’re looking for new answers to new questions, it is knowledge itself that blocks progress. Every time a new discovery is made, enormous new areas of ignorance are opened up.

One of the greatest human discoveries, the automatic cybernetic governor on the steam engine, was made by an eight year old boy who had the job of pulling the steam. Every time the big wheel went around, he pulled the steam valve to let the steam out.  He wanted to play marbles.  He tied a string to the wheel, and made one of the greatest inventions of all human history.  Now, the engineers who made the steam engine had not thought of this simple gimmick. Only an ignorant kid who wanted to play marbles could see such things.

The Future of the Past


Mitchell Joachim Has a Posse

Mitchell Joachim Has a Posse

Dressed in architect black and sporting dreadlocks, Mitchell Joachim isn’t your average Whole Foods envirogeek. For one thing, he speaks in an intense staccato punctuated with words like peristaltic and epiphetic. And don’t get him started on sustainability. “I don’t like the term,” he says. “It’s not evocative enough. You don’t want your marriage to be sustainable. You want to be evolving, nurturing, learning.” Efficiency doesn’t cut it, either: “It just means less bad.” Even zero emissions falls short. “This table does zero damage,” he says, thumping the one in his office. “No VOCs, no carbons. Whatever. It doesn’t do anything positive.”

New Design Researcher: Eric Tan

Eric is a student still entering his final year of architecture at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY. Currently, he is researching and developing a proposal for the fabrication and genetic manipulation of a flesh based architecture - combining inVitro processes and tissue engineering with Cad/Cam prototyping. He is excited in utilizing this research as a tool to generate not only discourse but to aid in its realization.

Gang of Green: DigitALL Magazine Heroes

TERREFORM, THE ECOLOGICAL RESEARCH AND ARCHITECTURE FIRM OF MICHAEL SORKIN AND MITCHELL JOACHIM, IS RIPPING UP THE PAVEMENT OF URBANPLANNING “…the ecological research, urban planning, and architecture firm of Michael Sorkin and Mitchell Joachim. These two architects’ work is full of epic ambitions and fantastical ideas, including city plans based on total urban self-sufficiency, houses made of growing trees, and soft, sheep-like cars that scrub the atmosphere clean with every drive. Of course, most architects have drawers full of unrealized blueprints. But Terreform’s architecture of ecological engagement sacrifices any pretense of pragmatism in order to reach for a realm of unbridled, futuristic innovation…
Craig Bromberg, Samsung, p. 10/48 Fall 2007.

Rapid Re(f)use: New Project at Terreform 1

New York City is disposing of 38,000 tons of waste per day. Most of this discarded material ended up in Fresh Kills landfill before it closed. The Rapid Re(f)use project supposes an extended New York reconstituted from its own landfill material. Our concept remakes the city by utilizing the trash at Fresh Kills. With our method, we can remake seven entirely new Manhattan islands at full scale. Automated robot 3d printers are modified to process trash and complete this task within decades. These robots are based on existing techniques commonly found in industrial waste compaction devices. Instead of machines that crush objects into cubes, these devices have jaws that make simple shape grammars for assembly. Different materials serve specified purposes; plastic for fenestration, organic compounds for temporary scaffolds, metals for primary structures, and etc. Eventually, the future city makes no distinction between waste and supply.

Credits: Mitchell Joachim, Emily Johnson, Maria Aiolova, Niloufar Karimzadegan.

Positioned at the confluence of art and science, we are a tightly knit group of designers, artists and scientists who seek to develop new forms of biological products and designs using biotechnology. The skills and ideas each of us bring to this project will, we predict, synergize to produce radical new designs.

The time has finally arrived when the costs of biotechnology have diminished to make it financially practical for these tools to be applied by small groups of skilled and motivated individuals. In
essence, our endeavor harkens back to an earlier era of small craft workshops, albeit utilizing state-of-the-art techniques and resources.

Ever since the advent of novel forms of genetically engineered micro-organisms containing human and other genes, originally utilized as “protein-factories” if you will, coupled with the established
technologies of tissue culturing, we seek to develop not just new organisms, but synthetic ecosystems as well.

Until just recently, the application of these revolutionary biological technologies have been used almost exclusively by big-pharma and other large scale for-profit consortiums. It is seen in pharmaceutical companies carrying out massively parallel robotically guided screens for small drug molecules to the equally massive shot-gun screening of the human genome at the dawn of the new century.

This is contrasted with the relatively much smaller scale of cutting edge development carried out by academia, whose fruits of scientific labor are all too often co-opted by corporations. 
We aim to change this condition.

Co-Founders: Oliver Medvedik, Ph.D. and Mitchell Joachim, Ph.D.
Bioworks Institute

New Design Researchers: Ben Shepard & Patrick Collins

Ben Shepard studies Philosophy and Visual Art at The University of Chicago. He’s a founder of the Chicago-based experimental-culture collective Ex-Lab, and currently researches food systems, untapped desires and the possibility of socialism in the 21st century.

Patrick R. Collins was born in the farmlands of Iowa, one man’s young dreams of becoming a cowboy popped as the realization that times were a-changing and a livlihood rounding up steer just wouldn’t make it in this day and age. New York City’s air quality was one area in which he could make a difference. He is producing an outline of resources which could help our city further reduce air pollution emissions.

Mitchell Joachim: Location is everything. It’s a little too nebulous to say that, ‘here’s a ton of money — please give me a city from scratch.’ A lot of it is based on where it is.


My Perfect Future on a Friday Afternoon

What makes a dream so distinctly dreamlike?  How can strange situations be so familiar?  Most of all, how can we re-create the open, playful nature of our best dreams in our waking lives in waking communities?  I would like more dream architecture in my waking world.

Treehouse bar

Mud Cathedral in Niafunke Mali

overgrown temple ruins door

the ideal palace

Architecture is ready to join music in a post-everything, omni-culture zone that incorporates the best of everything and ignores all traditions equally.  It’s an obligation to the species and future generations: build beautiful space.

And don’t be afraid to install the weirdness on other people’s property — the Universe will thank you for it.

\guerrilla street surrealist art

beautiful long stone staircase

Dr Samuel Price VT BIPT

Also, way more co-habitation with animals.  I’m interested in starting a Free Animal City, where all mammals are afforded equal rights at all levels of city structure, from transportation right-of-way to police protection.

Our Simian Citizens

backyard Tigertank

Lions on Strike Fuck All Yall

Bear Fu

Kevin Greatest Cat Ever Plus Most Handsome


#mandalaOS Human Sensory Modality + Neural Network



human neural interface piezoelectric bacteria

OmnivateLLC Chief Visionary Tim sez:

Also found this: Anthropogenic Biomes, A Framework for Ecology & Earth Science in the 21st Century. This all feels like a convergence with the resilient communities of John Robb and the Urbanates as organizational units within the North American Technate. Which is neither here nor there. It’s just a confluence of a bunch of different sources saying basically the same thing: that we’re heading towards some kind of social redefinition on the geographic level, the level of a people’s relationship to the land itself, which we’ve in the West been largely ignoring, but which we’re learning to re-connect with through the Living Interface Systems of OmnivateLLC.

ANALYSIS. I’m thinkin #digitalswitchover meets #projectbluebeam meets #wagthedog meets #economicfailure && #greentechnocracy && #microLOCALISM, set against the imaginal backdrop of augmented reality, ambient intelligence, sudden drop in cost of microprocessors and collapse of most non-corporate currencies: PREDICTION. complete world paradigm shift within 1 year. Happy ending. Non zero sum games.

neurology experiment with child

children getting neuromarketing exams


TMBCHR: Polling the Psychic Internet

Diagram mapping the human nervous system to organs.

Sensory data mapped to color charts and chakras

Depression neural map


Mandala OS is the name for an ad hoc collaborative creative conversation committee spontaneously formed around the discussion, contemplation and experimentation of this paradigm as a platform for governing the meaning of what it is to be a Human Being specifically, and what it means - more universally - to be a thinking, feeling, perceiving sentient being.

SOURCE: Ubiquitous Spiritual Computing

brain nut

bacterial cymatic interface for mandalaOS

Naked Human Brain

human brain as colloidal substance

The main focus on human computer interface, I think, should be on the power of ritual as a method of interacting with both the visible and invisible worlds. This is a major factor of why I’ve become so interested in a sort of intuitive urban revival of shamanic practices: little rituals I carry out in my room using magic rocks, burning leaves, and whatever other types of objects I can press into service to achieve my creative ends.

I see absolutely no reason why we can’t have a massively popular technology which teaches people to solve problems creatively, how to access the wonders of their intuition and subconscious, and how to tap into Fundamental Universal Laws & Patterns Known to the Ancients

The Mandala OS is the ideal breeding ground for the post-computer post-scarcity shaman, the roving troubadour, the bard, the actor, the comedian, the tragedian. It should reward you for goofing off, and encourage exactly the types of behaviors we need so badly to see to instantiate a Global Renaissance!

SOURCE: Bardic Ritual Interface

kid child playing with computer OLPC


#mandalaOS - Living Interface or SymbioticA eXistenZ

This is a response to Tim’s Permaculture Software, Noogenics, Living Natural Organic Interface.


Miniature Ear Tissue Culture

Tissue culture and tissue engineering represent a new area for artistic engagement. These branches of biomedical research have a major influence on perceptions of body, self and medical thinking. Tissue engineering enable researchers to grow three dimensional living tissues constructs of varying sizes, shapes and tissue types. This half-day hands on intensive workshop will introduce artists and other interested people to basic principals of animal tissue culture and tissue engineering, including its history and the different artistic projects working with TC and TE. The workshop will involve a demonstration for how to extract and cultivate stem cells from bones bought at the butcher. These advanced techniques can be done with homemade equipment and kitchen gear.

I wonder what the first words of the future manmade intelligent godthing will be.  Will we recognize the sanity and self-awareness of something that’s screaming in pain? I wonder.


Existenz Bioport

Exisenz Pd

BIOTEKNICA began as a media studies and interventionist art project, which projected its’ viewers into a future where designer organisms are generated on demand.  The organisms produced by BIOTEKNICA are modeled on the Teratoma, an unusual cancerous growth containing multiple tissues like hair, skin, and nervous systems.  Monstrous as this may seem, scientists today see the Teratoma as an instance of spontaneous cloning, and are conducting research on the Teratoma with the goal of developing future technologies. BIOTEKNICA both embraces and critiques biotechnology, considering the contradictions and deep underlying complexities that these technologies offer the future of humanity.

Jennifer Willet

Is it just me or does "Teratoma" translate to “monster growth” or somesuch similar?


Sea Cucumber USB Nervous System

Starfish Genetically Engineered Living Interface

Jellyfish Biotech Living Interface System

Algaeculture Cymatic Resonance Interface

Gigantic Biotech Jellyfish Human Interface

Jellyfish Solar Powered Biotech Interface

Genetically Engineered Eyeball Interface


Harvesting Bone Marrow for Tissue Cultures

Harvesting bone marrow cells for a workshop — a lot to be learned at this wonderfully detailed Flickr gallery from teworkshop2007. For a dangerously chronovoric brainfood overdose, check out their Subtle Technologies Reading List.

Cymatics Bonus: the caption for the following photo is “dispersing cells into the construct using irregular vibrations,” dig:

irregular vibration cell dispersal

One weird and disturbing little detail — a random picture of what they claim are “skinless chickens” — definitely creepy and so far, impossible to verify.

Skinless Chickens Genetic Engineering

And the leather jacket that grows itself didn’t turn out very well:

Victimless Leather Biotech Jacket

The artists, Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr, say the work which was fed nutrients by tube, expanded too quickly and clogged its own incubation system just five weeks after the show opened … Paola Antonelli, head of MoMA’s architecture and design department and curator of the show, says she had to make the decision to turn off the life-support system for the work, basically “killing” it.

Ms Antonelli says the jacket “started growing, growing, growing until it became too big. And [the artists] were back in Australia, so I had to make the decision to kill it. And you know what? I felt I could not make that decision. I’ve always been pro-choice and all of a sudden I’m here not sleeping at night about killing a coat…That thing was never alive before it was grown.”

Source: i09 baby

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