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#mandalaOS - Living Interface or SymbioticA eXistenZ

This is a response to Tim’s Permaculture Software, Noogenics, Living Natural Organic Interface.


Miniature Ear Tissue Culture

Tissue culture and tissue engineering represent a new area for artistic engagement. These branches of biomedical research have a major influence on perceptions of body, self and medical thinking. Tissue engineering enable researchers to grow three dimensional living tissues constructs of varying sizes, shapes and tissue types. This half-day hands on intensive workshop will introduce artists and other interested people to basic principals of animal tissue culture and tissue engineering, including its history and the different artistic projects working with TC and TE. The workshop will involve a demonstration for how to extract and cultivate stem cells from bones bought at the butcher. These advanced techniques can be done with homemade equipment and kitchen gear.

I wonder what the first words of the future manmade intelligent godthing will be.  Will we recognize the sanity and self-awareness of something that’s screaming in pain? I wonder.


Existenz Bioport

Exisenz Pd

BIOTEKNICA began as a media studies and interventionist art project, which projected its’ viewers into a future where designer organisms are generated on demand.  The organisms produced by BIOTEKNICA are modeled on the Teratoma, an unusual cancerous growth containing multiple tissues like hair, skin, and nervous systems.  Monstrous as this may seem, scientists today see the Teratoma as an instance of spontaneous cloning, and are conducting research on the Teratoma with the goal of developing future technologies. BIOTEKNICA both embraces and critiques biotechnology, considering the contradictions and deep underlying complexities that these technologies offer the future of humanity.

Jennifer Willet

Is it just me or does "Teratoma" translate to “monster growth” or somesuch similar?


Sea Cucumber USB Nervous System

Starfish Genetically Engineered Living Interface

Jellyfish Biotech Living Interface System

Algaeculture Cymatic Resonance Interface

Gigantic Biotech Jellyfish Human Interface

Jellyfish Solar Powered Biotech Interface

Genetically Engineered Eyeball Interface


Harvesting Bone Marrow for Tissue Cultures

Harvesting bone marrow cells for a workshop — a lot to be learned at this wonderfully detailed Flickr gallery from teworkshop2007. For a dangerously chronovoric brainfood overdose, check out their Subtle Technologies Reading List.

Cymatics Bonus: the caption for the following photo is “dispersing cells into the construct using irregular vibrations,” dig:

irregular vibration cell dispersal

One weird and disturbing little detail — a random picture of what they claim are “skinless chickens” — definitely creepy and so far, impossible to verify.

Skinless Chickens Genetic Engineering

And the leather jacket that grows itself didn’t turn out very well:

Victimless Leather Biotech Jacket

The artists, Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr, say the work which was fed nutrients by tube, expanded too quickly and clogged its own incubation system just five weeks after the show opened … Paola Antonelli, head of MoMA’s architecture and design department and curator of the show, says she had to make the decision to turn off the life-support system for the work, basically “killing” it.

Ms Antonelli says the jacket “started growing, growing, growing until it became too big. And [the artists] were back in Australia, so I had to make the decision to kill it. And you know what? I felt I could not make that decision. I’ve always been pro-choice and all of a sudden I’m here not sleeping at night about killing a coat…That thing was never alive before it was grown.”

Source: i09 baby

Cronenberg Woods Videodrome